Who We Are

The Malhotra Family Foundation was founded by Shawn and Louise Malhotra in 2011, and together, they manage all operations of the Foundation. Shawn Malhotra is Vice-President of Claridge Homes, one of Ottawa’s largest home and condo builders, and Louise is an Interior Design Consultant. Shawn and Louise have four school-aged children. The Malhotra Family Foundation was established because of the desire to effectively bring together Ottawa’s business and philanthropy communities to raise funds on behalf of deserving local organizations. 

Claridge Homes is one of the largest home-builders and real estate developers in Ottawa, Canada. Claridge opened its doors in 1986 as a small family-run business with a clear vision: to provide the best communities and homes for Ottawa-area families. As a leader in Ottawa innovative high-rise development and comprehensive housing communities, Claridge has effectively redefined the Ottawa skyline throughout 27 years of building in the National Capital Region. Working with a team of over 250 full-time staff, Claridge has proudly provided more than 8,000 houses and 4,000 condominiums to the region’s families. In 2012, Claridge Homes was Winner of the Eastern Ontario TARION High Rise Builder Award of Excellence.

The Malhotra Family Foundation has proudly raised over 2 million dollars in support of local charitable organizations! 

Join Us In Making a Difference

Our fundraising proceeds are shared across a broad spectrum of community groups in an effort to reach a variety of people with different needs. Our Foundation is uniquely positioned to call upon a wide array of individuals and businesses to work together to strengthen our community. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts and philanthropic initiatives will allow us, and our supporters, to become active participants in the betterment of our city. We must all share the responsibility of developing a strong community.


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